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Splendor of Sicily
Sicily, Italy

Over the years, Italy’s rich legacy of art and architecture has seduced many. Stretching back to before Roman times and continuing today, the country is filled with many architectural and artistic treasures. Italy is known for its wonderful artists, architects, engineers, and inventors, who changed the world.

Italy is a haven for anyone that wishes to explore architecture and design over centuries. These pieces are on every bit of street or road you might find yourself in; in fact, it’s impossible to move around without bumping into a piece of history.

A few of the most famous pieces of art include Florence’s elegant streetscapes, the beautifully preserved Colosseum in Rome, the incredible painted ceiling of the Sistine Chapel and the perfect marble dome of St Peter’s Cathedral in Vatican City, Venice’s beautiful arched bridges over its canals, the postcard-perfect tiers of colourful cottages of Positano just a shortlist of what Italian art and architecture have to offer.